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Named after the Nagarhole, which means the Cobra River in Kannada, the place is famous for the winding river that flows eastwards from the centre. This place is situated between two districts – Mysore and Kodagu – and makes a perfect getaway for those who seek fun and excitement. In the year 1955, this place was constituted into a sanctuary spanning over an area of 258 sq. kms. The place was subsequently enlarged to accommodate some of the adjoining areas of Mysore district. Currently, it spans over 643.39 sq. kms.

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Considered to be one of the very well-maintained national forests in India, Nagarhole is surely a delight for those who love Asiatic Elephants and Indian Tigers. Spanned by enticing flora and fauna, this forest reserve has a multitude of wildlife that fascinates any animal lover. Wild dogs, four-horned antelopes, leopards, sloth bears, sambar, barking deer, wild boar, spotted deers, etc. are some of the animals that one can easily spot in this area. Adding to this is a large variety of birds and amphibians.

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Stay & Accommodation

Attracting tourists around the globe, Nagarhole reserve forest has some exotic accommodation facilities too. Whether you are looking for budget accommodation options or want some exotic place to unwind and relax, you can get the stay options that cater to your needs here. All without any hassle. There are numerous hotels in Nagarhole forest. In fact, Nagarahile forest resorts, particularly the resorts near Nagarhole forest offer convenient staying facilities. If you are planning a family trip, then Nagarhole guest house and Nagarhole national park jungle lodges in and around Nagarhole forest make an ideal option for you.

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Nagarhole forest government guest house is yet another experience in itself. The Nagarhole forest guest house has a variety of accommodation offerings that suit every type of visitors. So, places to stay near Nagarhole are ample.

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Exotic Flora at Nagarhole

The vegetation here predominantly consists of tropical, mixed and moist deciduous forest, where some parts are characterized by dry deciduous type. Teakwood, Silver Oak, Rosewood and Sandalwood are some of the popular and commercially significant trees that can be easily seen in this region. Crepe myrtle, Axlewood, Indian Kino Tree, Crocodile Bark and Grewiatilaefolia are some of the dry deciduous trees found here. Besides these, you can also find golden shower tree, cotton trees, tick clover Indian gooseberry, etc.

Unique Fauna Found Here

Housing some of the most wildering lives, Nagarhole has numerous predators and carnivores. Visitors will be able to see Hyena, Leopards, Tigers and Wild Dogs in large numbers. The forest reserve also has numerous herbivores. Spanning luxurious forests and bamboo thickets, this region offers a perfect backdrop for elephant watching and enjoying the natural surroundings. With 250 species of birds, bird watchers can also have a great time with pursuing bird photography. River Kabini has huge groups of waterfowls. Honey Buzzards, Racket Tailed Drongo, Common Kingfisher, Painted Stork, Malabar Whistling Thrush are some of the commonly spotted birds in this region.


When Should You Visit Nagarhole?

The best time to visit this paradise is from October to May. this forest reserve remains closed from June to September due to the rainy season. Furthermore, there are numerous ways to reach Nagarhole. Mysore airport is the closest, which is just 96 kms away. Mysore railway station is just 80 kms away.

With a rich forest cover, valleys, hills, waterfalls and small streams, this place a perfect nature’s paradise for city-borne tourists who look for a change!

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