Coorg Waterfalls

Iruppu Falls – The Mystic Cascade of Coorg

The Iruppu waterfall is a spectacular cascade in the picturesque Brahmagiri mountains and among the best of the misty waterfalls that Coorg has. Also known as the Lakshmana Tirtha Fall because of the mystical chronicles of events associated with. The legend speaks of a major event in the Hindu epic – Ramayana. While Rama and Lakshmana were searching for Sita, Rama asked his younger brother for water, Lakshmana shot an arrow into the Brahmagiri mountain that gave life to the Lakshmana Tirtha, and hence the name.

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The waterfall attracts a vast number of sightseers and tourists all around the year, particularly during Navratri. The locals have a strong faith that its water can clean the impurity of the soul and a large number of people gather here during the Shivaratri.

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Some Key Places to Visit/Things to do

  • Rameshwara Temple – According to the local folklore, the temple was built by Lord Rama to worship the Shiva. The temple boasts of a circular sanctuary with a low hilltop resembling Kerala’s architectural style. Before going up to the waterfall, you must visit this temple.
  • The creek is 500 meters uphill and reaches the first fall of Iruppu. The path is covered by lush forest, which is a heaven for photographers and nature lovers. The devotees usually dive after visiting the temple in the chilly water of the falls. It is said that the stream washes away all the impurities in the body and soul.
  • People also hike towards the second stage via a steep slope of the waterfall, but you must pay special attention to your safety here.
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How to get there?

Set on a lush green hillside, a forest trail leads from these waterfalls to the Brahmagiri peak. The best time to hit the waterfall is during the monsoon when it reaches its full capacity and displays an amazing sight. The fall is well connected to each metropolitan and situated at a distance of 80km from Madikere (Coorg district), which is a 2-hour journey by road. You can:

  • Get flight to Mysore Airport (MYQ), Mysore, Karnataka, and take the state bus, which will take you to the national highway number 89.
  • Or, come to Bajpe Airport (IXE), Mangalore, Karnataka and take the state bus.
  • You can also land to the Bangalore airport (KIA), and commute via state transport, which will take around 6 hours to reach via road.
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