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Badami, A place that gives a view of Chalukya architecture!

Badami is one of the beautiful destinations in Bagalkot a district in Karnataka posses some of the amazing historical sites from Ancient Indian history. The most important aspect of India culture is its diversity. Badami is a place where you can get a magnificent view of rock-cut architecture. Badami also called Vatapi was the capital city of the mighty Chalukyas empire. This place is very popular for cave temples that are made out of sandstone rocks that surround the Agastya Lake. Three cave temples are dedicated to the Hindu deities and one temple to Jainism. A flight of stairs that is present within helps in connecting the cave temples. The government of India has listed Badami as one of the best heritage cities in India.

BadamiCaves 1 - Badami

Badami Caves - Badami

Highlights of Badami

Before going to know about these cave temples in details lets know about the places to visit in Badami:

  • Walking in the middle of ancient ruins: The best part of this place can be enjoyed by walking through the ruins. Most of the attractions of Badami is located around Agasthya Lake and is sandwiched in between mountain cliffs in the north and the south side.

  • The archaeological museum: While going towards Agasthya lake and entering the complex, this is one of the best places to visit. The museum consists of all pre-historic stone implements and sculptures, inscriptions, hero stones, etc.

  • The lake: Walking further from the museum, you will reach a beautiful water reservoir called Agasthya Lake. This lake is magnificently surrounded by Badami caves, the sandstone hills, bloodbath temple complex. People believe that the water of this lake posses some healing power. The three sides of the lake are surrounded by sandstone steps that make it very beautiful. These steps are full of local women washing their clothes in the holy lake.

  • The bhootnath temple complex: This temple is present in the eastern side of the Agastya Lake. These temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The inside of the temple is filled with a lot of carvings on the wall. One of the best carvings is Lord Vishnu lying on Sheshanaag.

  • The Badami Fort and other areas nearby: Adjacent to the museum there is a northern hill which is simply amazing. The top is flat, filled with shrubs and thorns, walkable trails and small reservoir and the Badami fort. By walking along the cliff you can have an amazing view of the whole Badami town. The hills are the best places for rock climbing.
BhutanathaTemple Badami - Badami

After covering the northern side tourist move to southern hills that comprises the famous cave temples. A large crowd usually gather to have a view of these caves. But before the caves, you can also visit an 18th-century mosque called Mosque of Adilshahi of Bijapur. The walls of this mosque are beautifully inscribed with Arabic praising. But it is getting ruined because of lack of maintenance.

Sculpture Badami Caves - Badami

Another main attraction is the four Badami cave temples that are cut out of the monolithic rock of the sandstone. This temple represents the secular nature of the rulers with tolerance and religious following that mostly dedicated to Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. They are carved spectacularly and are simply spellbinding. The entire complex is present in the mouth of the ravine and they face Agastya lake. From the temple complex, one can have a panoramic view of the lake. Have a look at details about these caves:

  • Cave 1: This is dedicated to Lord Shiva having beautiful figures of Lord Dwarapalakas, a 5 feet idol of Nataraja having 18 arms. Then there are sculptures of Nandi, Lord Ganesha, Parvati.

  • Cave 2: This is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It has figures of Dwarapalakas who are holding lotus in their hands, a sculpture of Varaha with his goddess Bhudevi, a magnificent sculpture of Vamana. Besides, there are also some beautiful engravings present on the ceiling.

  • Cave 3: This cave is the oldest and biggest among all caves and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There are giant statues of Paravasudeva, Harihara, and Narasimha in this cave.

  • Cave 4: This cave is dedicated to Mahavira where numerous images of him can be found on inner pillars as well as walls. Besides, there are some idols of Bahubali, Yakshas as well as yakshas.

All of the caves are simply enthralling. One of the surprising facts is they have withstood various natural calamities. When you visit this temple complex, it simply reminds you about Chalukyas dedication to religion and also demonstrates the earlier civilizations faith.

Surrounding Places

Some of the other major attraction near to Badami are

Durga Temple Aihole
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