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In the whole Karnataka varied invaders, dynasties, as well as conquerors, have come and gone leaving behind their imprint. This is more imminently seen at Aihole, in Northern Karnataka. Aihole is also known as earlier capital of Chalukyas Dynasty.  It is one of the glorious parts of India and a trip to this place that exhibits the medieval Indian art and architecture will make you aware of the great Indian heritage. It is most popularly known as “Cradle of Indian Architecture”, and it is because of a large number of temples present all over the village. Those people, who are fond of exploring the rich heritage and the architectural brilliance, must-visit Aihole. The village holds the yesteryear charm very nicely. Some of the temples date back to the 5th and 6th century. All the temples are also split into varied groups by historians. Quarry and further investigation of the history of Aihole are still going on and a large number of tourist are visiting this place to enjoy the serenity and the spiritual atmosphere every year.

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Highlights of Aihole

Aihole is located on the riverbank of Malaprabha. RavanaPhadi, the cave temple stands backed against a rocky hill, from which Aihole has been carved. The place has a very dry tropical atmosphere and the primary seasons here are summer and winter. In summer, it is very hot and the temperature remains very high for which it is not at all feasible to visit the sightseeing. The summer lasts from April to early July. Then the rain starts and continues till September. This is also not an ideal time to visit. The time between October to March is best to visit Aihole, which is the wintertime and the weather is very pleasant. The temperature remains between 18-25 degree C. It helps the tourist to explore the place very easily.

Places to visit

  • As the city is gifted with various magnificently crafted worship place, therefore it was once the centre of experiments by architectures.

  • The temples are carved with beautiful sculptures and the most beautiful one is the dancing Shiva who looks like trembling with motion. Then there is another image of Mahisuramardhini. This makes the caves and temples worth a visit.

  • The main temple complex is little distance away from where there are a hundred shrines, both large and small. It is under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India.

  • Durg Temple is one of the decorated monuments present in Aihole and is famous for imitating the Buddhist rock-cut chaitya hall.

  • The Lad Khan temple and although it is not believed to be a temple it is a village meeting place that resembles thatched hall. It is believed that the architects of Chalukyas made these shrines while attempting to create some structural temples for Hindus to worship.

  • Megudi temple, Ravanphadi cave, Hucchimalli temple, Suryanarayan temple, Gowda temple and many more places to visit.


Surrounding Places

Some of the other major attraction near to Badami are

Badami Caves Bagalkote
Bagalkote Heritage

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